Friday, June 26, 2015

Painting Machine

I've been a busy beaver this week painting up a storm.
First I painted my daughter's room white. It was a bad sponged 
paint job when we moved in 11 years ago, with a funky red stripe 
around the the room. I've tried to work with it through the years,
changing the red stripe to purple,
but now it was time to finally repaint the walls. 

 Below is how the wall used to look. 

I worked with a paint that is low odor, which is really important.
I usually get headaches from paint, but this stuff was great.

It was so great that I decided to paint one of my living room walls with what was left.
                      before                                                                              after

I hope to do my whole living room someday,
it looks so much better! But I need to take a break
from painting for a little while first.
Bye for now!

1 comment:

Diane Mars said...

Looks great I love the fresh pallet!

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