Friday, June 19, 2015


 Sometimes cats are just extremely photogenic
and then sometimes they would rather lick themselves.
So when Smoke is in the cooperative mood,
I start snapping pictures!

If I'm on the sofa, (in this case crocheting) he likes to sleep next to me.

Look at that big paw!
Bye for now!


Northern mum down South said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful cat. Cats and crochet are one of my favourite combinations.

Vix said...

Cats are just gorgeous, I can spend hours looking at them on the internet! xxx

Curtise said...

Smoke really is a very handsome boy, isn't he? Great photos, Laurie. I once had a cat who was really pretty but whenever she saw the camera, she either looked as grumpy as anything or stalked off, so I don't have a single decent photo of her. Oh well, I have to make do with my memories! xxx

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